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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Reviewer:  Jessica Harlow

Overview:  Compression sleeve to relieve the tension/pain of plantar fasciitis.  (Note: this product will not prevent plantar fasciitis, but can provide an effective form of therapeutic treatment for the condition.)

Tech Specs:  Six targeted compression zones to aid in the support of the plantar fascia.  Graduated compression to aid in circulation/movement of blood flow to promote healing.  Can be worn day or night - fabric is thin enough to wear under a sock for daytime use or during a run.  Fabric is a moisture-wicking blend for comfort and drier feet.  One sleeve per package, two sizes available (S/M and L/XL).

Overall Comments:  This reviewer used the plantar fasciitis sleeve for daytime use and wore under a sock while working on her feet all day.  Compression fit was snug, yet comfortable.  Easily fit under the sock and did not affect the fit of the shoe worn on that foot.  By the end of the day, experienced tension relief of the plantar fascia.  This reviewer was in-between sizes, so the fit was a little long due to selecting the larger of the two sizes.  Would like to see more sizes options available for a better overall fit, however the product did deliver a comfortable compression and tension relief throughout the day.  Would recommend for those suffering from plantar fasciitis as a method of therapy and treatment of the condition.

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